It is scientifically proven that the first thing we see when looking at each other is our hair. The New Image Salon will make sure you always make a good first impression. Our stylists work with you to produce the look that fits you! Stay on top of the latest cuts or go with a classic look.


Your hands are important to us. They hold the hands of your children and caress the faces of your loved ones. Your hands can express a variety of different emotions and can even speak for the hearing impaired. We want to make sure your hands always reflect their significance. What better way to achieve that than to let one of our techs primp and polish your nails to perfection?


Walk a mile in your “new you shoes”. Our techs will pamper your toes and give you the treatment you deserve. The New Image will bring elegance to your feet you never thought possible. We have a plentiful variety of polish to match your mood and personality. You are sure to walk out refreshed and ready to take on anything or anyone.


They say that blondes have more fun. This isn’t necessarily true, but we can make you blonde, red, brunette, black or any other variation of any color if you would like to test the theory. Our techs are experienced and will not scorch your head or your pocket book.


Winter season have you down? Do you want nothing more than to throw on that bikini and “catch some rays”? We have you covered. Our tanning beds are ready to give you that base you have been craving.


We can give you that voluminous curly hair you desire. All you have to do is say the word. This is perfect for the straight haired individual who is looking for a new image.


Hair isn’t your thing? You prefer a smoother look? We have just the thing for that as well. Our waxing services take the monotony out of your daily routine making you free to pursue the day in whatever way you see fit.

The New Image Salon

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